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Our commitment to complaint resolution

SA Power Networks is committed to successful complaint resolution. Your right to complain is recognised, as is the expectation that your concerns will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

What constitutes a complaint?

Complaints are expressions of dissatisfaction voiced by our customers and while we do everything in our power to deliver high levels of customer service there are times where customers are dissatisfied.

To enable us to be consistent in our recognition and handling of complaints, we define a complaint as:

Any expression of dissatisfaction with an action, a proposed action, or failure to act, or in respect of a product or service, offered or provided by SA Power Networks.


We will:

  • listen to your concerns;
  • identify ourselves;
  • our correspondence will always have a contact name and number;
  • respect your right to privacy;
  • provide you with high quality information and advice; and
  • provide information and guidelines in plain language.

We ask our customer to:

  • treat us with courtesy;
  • be honest in all your dealings with us; and
  • provide us with information when requested to help us deal with the issue.

SA Power Networks aims to:

  • respond to acknowledge your complaint or enquiry within five business days; and
  • respond to any request for written information on power interruptions within ten business days.

Our method of response

SA Power Networks will respond to complaints and enquiries via the most practical medium, whether this be via written correspondence, email or telephone, however we will accommodate any requests where a customer has advised they require a particular medium of communication.

How to contact SA Power Networks

Contact can be made by the following communication channels:

SA Power Networks Customer Services
GPO Box 77
SA 5001
1 Anzac Highway
Keswick SA 5035

General Enquiries: 13 12 61

Builders & Contractors: 1300 650 014

Customer Feedback Line: 1800 088 667

Faults & Emergencies: 13 13 66 (Report a power outage click here)

Street Light Out Service: 1800 676 043 (Report a street light out click here)

New Energy Services Team with Solar (PV) enquiries: 1300 665 913 |

Complaint escalation

Should you not be satisfied with our response or suggested resolution, we will advise you on available options to allow you to escalate your concerns including referral to a Team Leader or Manager in the first instance.

If the matter cannot be resolved you have the option to refer any grievance to the Energy and Water Ombudsman SA. This service is free of charge and the Energy and Water Ombudsman is an independent industry body and will act as a mediator between you and SA Power Networks.

Energy and Water Ombudsman SA

Level 11, 50 Pirie Street
GPO Box 2947
Telephone: 1800 665 565 (free call)
Facsimile: 1800 665 165 (free fax)