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Metering Contestability - Metering changes in SA: REX changes

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To continue to assist and support the industry changes from Metering Contestability, we will be changing REX on 23 July 2018 to provide retailers visibility of jobs assigned to them.

This means electricians will need to nominate retailers for new service provision and alteration of service provision applications.

This change will allow nominated retailers to see:

  • registered electrician application information
  • SA Power Networks scoping summary information
  • SA Power Networks appointment and scheduling information
  • REX application status information
  • B2B service order information.

Please be aware that REX will still be available to use. However, you may experience an interruption when we make the changes in the afternoon of 23 July 2018 (after 5pm).

What this means for registered electricians

From 23 July 2018, you will need to select a retailer when you create a new service provision or alteration of service provision application. This will notify them and provide them with the REX ID.

You will be able to change the nominated retailer for new service provision applications. However, once we receive a service order from the nominated retailer, the retailer cannot be changed.

If you change the nominated retailer, the new retailer will be able to see all the information listed above and the originally selected retailer will not be able to see it anymore.

These changes can be made via REX if the job has been created in REX. If you create the job through one of our web forms, you will need to contact our Builders & Contractors on 1300 650 014 to change the retailer.

What this means for retailers

From 23 July 2018, an electrician will need to select a retailer when they create a new service provision or alteration of service provision application. If you are selected, you will receive an email with the REX ID and you will be able to see all the above information attached to that ID.

For new service provisions, the nominated retailer can be changed. If you are originally selected but the retailer selection changes, you will not be notified and you will not be able to view all the above information for the REX ID.

Further information

We will update our REX user guides for both electricians and retailers, so you can refer to them for information about these changes. The new versions will be available on our REX page on our website from 24 July 2018.

If you have any questions, you can send them through to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Authorised by: Dana Rankine, Manager Customer Programs, SA Power Networks

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