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Updated embedded generation technical standards released

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SA Power Networks aligns large embedded generation standards with AS/NZS477.2:2020

Why the change?

Through industry consultation, we recognised an opportunity to simplify some of the complexities around standards relating to embedded generation over 30KvA. We have worked with the industry and aligned the following standards with AS/NZS477.2:2020, the Energy Networks Australia (ENA) guidelines and the updated Electricity Regulations:

  • TS132 – Low Voltage Embedded Generation Connection Technical Requirements – Capacity above 30kVA
  • TS133 – High Voltage Embedded Generation Connection Technical Requirements
  • TS134 – Communication Systems (inc. SCADA) for Embedded Generation

What’s different?

These new technical standards will replace TS130 and TS131. The major change to these standards is that they are now defined by connection voltage not capacity. The other major change is the requirement of inverter to be compliant to AS/NZS477.2:2020 and be set to ‘Australia A’ power quality mode settings.

The introduction of a standalone communication system technical standard for embedded generation (TS134) was to simplify the layout of the standards and provide a single source for this information.

With the introduction of these standards, we anticipate that the engineering reports provided by SA Power Networks will become simpler and easier to read as information previously contained in those reports are now included in these new technical standards.

The key principles in these new standards have been represented in technical responses from SA Power Networks for some time and should be familiar to applicants. Any engineering report previously issued and still valid (within date) is able to proceed. The witnessing check sheets will be aligned to these new standards.

The development of these standards included the consultation with a number of industry bodies and known experts in the field of distributed energy resources and we appreciated the time and constructive feedback we received during the development of these standards.

What you can do now

Familiarise yourself with the updated technical standards to ensure you are installing compliant systems.

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