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Application to access SA Power Networks' confidential information

This application is to request access to information claimed as confidential by SA Power Networks as part of its 2015-2020 Regulatory Proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). In accordance with the AER's Confidentiality Guideline, documents claimed as containing confidential information are listed at Attachment A.1, 'SAPN - A.1 - RRP: Confidentiality Claim'. 

At SA Power Networks' discretion, either a copy of the document or physical access to the document may be provided. You may be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement with SA Power Networks.

You will receive an automatic confirmation once you submit this form. You will receive an initial response within 5 working days as to whether the document or information will be made available or if further information is required from the applicant.

Application to access SA Power Networks confidential information
This request will be considered by SA Power Networks in accordance with its obligations at law. SA Power Networks may decline the application or agree with all or parts of it or may request further information from the applicant prior to making a decision. SA Power Networks reserves its rights in relation to vexatious requests, requests that it considers are too broad or which it considers are incomplete.  Should SA Power Networks agree to a request, it may impose such conditions on its agreement as it believes reasonable including a requirement that the applicant and other parties enter into a confidentiality agreement satisfactory to SA Power Networks. SA Power Networks may redact parts of any information, agreements, reports and other documents which it provides. SA Power Networks is a partnership of CKI Utilities Development Limited ABN 65 090 718 880 and PAI Utilities Development Limited ABN 82 090 718 951, each incorporated in The Bahamas, and Spark Infrastructure SA (No.1) Pty Ltd ABN 54 091 142 380, Spark Infrastructure SA (No.2) Pty Ltd ABN 19 091 143 038 and Spark Infrastructure SA (No.3) Pty Ltd ABN 50 091 142, each incorporated in Australia.