Image - About SA Power Networks

About SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks operates a distribution network that stretches across South Australia, comprising thousands of kilometres of powerline and hundreds of substations.

We concentrate our efforts on achieving regulated requirements for high levels of service, reliability, safety and efficiency.

The key services we provide the South Australian community include:

  • Delivering electricity from the high voltage network through poles and wires to your property or business
  • Providing an emergency response in the event of blackouts
  • Repairing street lighting
  • Reading SA Power Networks' electricity meters (from 1 March 2018, Retailers are responsible for assigning a Metering Provider to install new meters)

Retailers are responsible for managing your account, including all billing and service enquiries, and for organising connections and disconnections.

This infographic explains SA Power Networks' role in the electricity supply chain and provides an overview of the electricity industry in South Australia.