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To register for the Your Meter Data service you will need:
Green Tick a mobile phone and email address
Green Tick a recent power bill
Green Tick to read the terms and conditions

Authorised representative

If you're looking after someone else's energy account (for example, on behalf of a business with multiple properties or as an advocate or proxy for someone unable to manage their own account), then you will need to fill out the Authorised Representative Registration Form.

Access my meter data

Your Meter Data is an SA Power Networks service that allows customers to view and download their electricity meter data.

Registered users can view and download both summary and detailed meter data history for their site.

If you already have a Your Meter Data account please login, Otherwise register for your new account.

Registration and access to the Your Meter Data portal is free* for homes and businesses in the SA Power Networks distribution area (South Australia).

Terms and Conditions for Your Meter Data
*We reserve the right to charge for access to data where fair and reasonable use of the portal has been exceeded

Need a new meter?

SA Power Networks and your meter

Traditionally, we’ve been responsible for installing, maintaining and reading your electricity meter.

Due to changes in the Industry, Retailers (the people who manage your electricity bill) will become responsible for installing all new and replacement meters for residential and small business customers from 1 December 2017.

All new and replaced meters will be required to meet a new minimum standard with increased functionality compared to our traditional meters.

Digital electricity meters will have key attributes including:

  • Remote reconnection and disconnection capabilities
  • Remote data reading capabilities
  • Interval data capabilities

When you switch to a digital meter, it means that we (SA Power Networks) will no longer be responsible for it.

From 1 December 2017, when you connect a new property, change your service (i.e. install solar) or your meter needs replacing, you’ll need to switch to a digital meter, which can be organised through your Retailer.

As long as your SA Power Networks meter remains, we will continue to look after it and undertake meter reads.

To understand what our role is with connecting, disconnecting or altering your power supply from December 2017, please hit ‘play’ on this short animation. 

If you require more support, please call us on 13 12 61.