Power outages information


In situations where there is a large number of power outages (usually due to severe weather events), SA Power Networks prioritises restoration work based on attending to:

  • safety issues – such as wires down;
  • outages impacting critical infrastructure; and
  • outages affecting the largest number of customers.

Restoration work may also be hampered by various factors, including weather conditions, safety and access issues. We appreciate the patience of customers in these situations.

For more information on what to do if the power is out, check out our handy hints here.

Scheduled maintenance / outages

SA Power Networks is committed to providing a safe and reliable electricity supply for South Australians. To do this, there are times when we need to interrupt your power supply - usually for upgrades of the electricity network to meet future demand; to ensure the quality of supply (within Australian voltage standards); to connect new customers; or for planned maintenance of the network, which minimises the risk of unplanned outages.

We make every effort to ensure information on upcoming planned work is accurate at the time published.

Today's planned work will have no status. When the power is interrupted, you will find the area listed under 'current outages' on the outage map.

Please note, planned work may not proceed in extreme weather or due to unforeseen circumstances.

If your power is out and not listed, report your fault online, or call 13 13 66.