Security and safety

Fact sheets - security and safety
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - Approved tree list (125 KB)
  There are restrictions on the types of trees you can plant within prescribed areas surrounding powerlines.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - bushfire safety (83 KB)
  Everything you need to know about bushfires and your electrical safety.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - electric and magnetic fields (76 KB)
  Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) occur naturally wherever there is electricity.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - electricity and your life support system (60 KB)
  If your life support system stops working, you must be able to quickly determine where the problem lies so that you can take the appropriate actions to fix it.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - entering your land (77 KB)
  This fact sheet sets out the principal reasons SA Power Networks staff or our contractors may enter or come on to your land, what you can expect and your rights and responsibilities.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - security lighting (69 KB)
  At SA Power Networks, we are committed to the safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the wider community. Part of this is providing a service to install security lighting in public spaces to help increase safety and security.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - tree trimming around powerlines (81 KB)
  Trees must be kept clear of powerlines to ensure the safety and reliability of electricity supply.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Working safely near powerlines (301 KB)
  Factsheet from the South Australian Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure.

How can I report a street light fault?Return To Top

To report a faulty street light, complete our online Report a Street Light Out form or call SA Power Networks on 1800 676 043.

We aim to repair faulty street lights for which we are responsible within five (5) working days in the Adelaide metropolitan and CBD area, Whyalla, Mount Gambier, Mount Barker, Gawler, Stirling, Murray Bridge, Port Augusta, Willunga, Port Pirie and Port Lincoln, and ten (10) working days elsewhere, from the date on which the fault comes to our attention.

Why does SA Power Networks trim vegetation?Return To Top

Tree trimming around powerlines is a regulatory requirement that is carried out to minimise the risks of electric shock, power interruptions and bushfires in high-risk areas.

Property owners/occupiers are responsible for the clearance of all vegetation on their property around their private supply lines, except naturally occurring, non-nurtured vegetation. This includes vegetation overhanging from a neighbouring property. SA Power Networks is responsible for establishing and maintaining clearances around public supply lines.

Electricity can be dangerous. A branch or tree in contact with high voltage lines can potentially carry enough of an electric shock to kill. If you are planning to trim or remove trees near powerlines please see our fact sheet or call us on 13 12 61 for tree-trimming information.