Reliability improvements

SA Power Networks is committed to providing our customers with a reliable and secure electricity supply. To make sure we achieve this outcome we comply with a variety of regulatory standards to help maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

While no electricity distributor can guarantee the electricity supply 100% of the time, on average* SA Power Networks provides 99.97% network availability. Which means, on average, across the State our customers experienced a power interruption for less than 0.03% of the year. This equates to an average of 150 minutes per year.

As part of our commitment to a reliable electricity supply, each day our dedicated reliability team monitors and analyses power interruptions on our network and implements preventative actions to reduce the risk of future interruptions. Much of the work done by this group results in improved network reliability performance.

We also implement an annual Reliability Management Program that aims to improve reliability performance for customers in areas where the network performs poorly. This work may include one or several initiatives aimed at:

  • Preventing an interruption occurring
  • Reducing the number of customers interrupted
  • Reducing the duration of the interruption.

Improvements include the installation of animal guards and line covering around vegetation to prevent interruptions from occurring, switches to minimise the number of customers interrupted and Line Fault Indicators to minimise the time taken to patrol lines and identify the location of faults.

We are also continuously identifying, trialling, introducing and reviewing new reliability management products and procedures and implementing best practices to maintain a reliable electricity supply.

Condition monitoring practices and strategic asset maintenance and replacement also underpin network reliability.

We always review our response to severe weather events such as storms, lightning and heatwaves that impact our network reliability, and put in place enhancements to improve supply restoration response during these extreme events.

We are committed to delivering a reliable, high quality electricity supply as free from interruptions as possible. And if you experience an electricity supply interruption we will strive for prompt restoration of your supply.

To assist us maintain reliability, power interruptions or potential faults or hazards should be reported via our Faults and Emergencies telephone line 13 13 66.

* average of all customers from 1 July 2005 to 1 July 2009 (including low voltage customers and based on manually calculated reliability figures).