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Flexible Exports will be available to more residential customers from July

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Building on the success we have seen with the Flexible Exports trial, we plan to make Flexible Exports available to more customers from July 2023. Find out more on how we plan to roll out the offer.

As part of the Smarter Homes Program, the SA Government is introducing Dynamic Export Requirements from 1 July 2023, requiring that most new and upgraded solar generation systems be capable of remotely updating their export limits. These regulations apply to small embedded generation (SEG, under 30kVA), and means they must be compatible with SA Power Networks’ Flexible Exports connection option.  

To coincide with these new regulations, SA Power Networks will make Flexible Exports available in more suburbs starting from 1 July 2023. The rollout will occur over a 12-month period, starting with suburbs within the Cities of Mitcham and Onkaparinga. The offer will continue to be available in suburbs where the trial is in place. There is no change for existing solar customers.  

How will I know where Flexible Exports is available? 

We plan to announce which new council region will become eligible for Flexible Exports four weeks ahead of the release. You can find out which suburbs are eligible for Flexible Exports by looking at the suburb list, or by entering a property address or NMI in Flexible Exports Eligibility Checker

What connections options are available?

Within Flexible Exports eligible suburbs 

Customers have a choice between:

  • Fixed export limit of 1.5kW/phase. 
  • Flexible Export limit between 1.5kW and 10kW/phase. 

Outside of Flexible Exports eligible suburbs 

  • The existing 5kW/phase export limit applies. 
  • Customers can later opt-in to Flexible Exports once it becomes available (new application required).

All new and upgraded installations must be dynamic exports capable as per the regulations or permanently configured for zero export. 

What equipment is compatible? 

Available now: 

Compatible equipment is available for Flexible Exports trial. The first “native” Flexible Exports compatible inverter series, Fronius Primo (Gen24 and Gen24 Plus), and Fronius Symo (Gen24 and Gen 24 Plus) are now available. “Native” inverters come with in-built communication capability, making them easier to install.

Available soon:

Any exporting system compliant with the dynamic export requirements will be listed in the Clean Energy Council’s accredited inverter list. More than 25 inverter manufacturers are currently working  this new capability and we expect to see many more inverter models becoming compatible by July.  

How can I find out more information? 

On 16 February, we held a free industry webinar covering the Flexible Exports rollout, which also included information on a Flexible Exports trial for medium embedded generators (MEG) and Q&A components.

View the webinar below.


We plan to roll out installer training, more information and tools to help make this transition easier for solar retailers and installers. More detailed information including installation requirements will be provided in another webinar.  

Once we know more details, we will update the Flexible Exports content on our website, and will let you know what’s happening. Subscribe to our industry updates.

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