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5 of the best ways to get in touch or keep updated about your power

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Whether you've had a power outage, are moving house or just want to get some information about how to save on your power bill, we're here to help.

Keep reading to find 5 of the best ways to get in touch with SA Power Networks or keep updated about your power. 


Our website serves as a virtual hub for all information about our organisation. You can access resources, learn more about us, read about electrical safety, sign up to receive free updates and check or report all known power outages around South Australia.

Some of our most viewed pages are listed below: 

SMS updates and alerts 

We like to keep our customers informed through proactive SMS messaging. Our SMS service ensures you receive updates to keep you informed about current or planned power outages at your home.  

You will receive notifications about planned work in your area, when the power goes out unexpectedly (for example due to extreme weather), when it is estimated to be restored and when meter reading will take place in your area. If you aren’t receiving these messages already, you can sign up via our website:

Social Media

Our social media platforms offer an interactive space to stay updated with our latest news and engage in discussions. We share information about solar energy and electric vehicles, energy saving tips, freebies and give-aways and important outage updates. You can comment and ask questions for more information on any of our posts, or simply send us a direct message with an enquiry.

  • Facebook - @sapowernetworks 
  • Instagram - @sa_powernetworks 
  • Twitter / X - @sapowernetworks 
  • LinkedIn - @sa-power-networks 
  • YouTube - @sapowernetworks 
  • TikTok - @sa_powernetworks 


While we have a lot of information available on our website or via social media, if you have comments, questions, or concerns you can email us. Our general enquiry team is ready to help, just send your email to the following address: 


Sometimes, you just want to speak to a real person. Our dedicated staff in our contact centre are ready to assist. We have two main numbers you should be aware of: 

  • Report an outage or electrical fault any time of day or night: 13 13 66 
  • General enquiries and customer service: 13 12 61 (during office hours) 

More ways to get in touch

In today's fast-paced world, having a variety of contact options is essential. Whether you prefer the digital convenience of a website or social media, or the more traditional, phone call, we're here to make connecting with SA Power Networks as easy as possible. Choose the method that suits you best and let's start the conversation.

Visit our Contact Us page for even more ways to get in touch.

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