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Fimer communications wiring diagram

The diagrams below show communications wiring options and materials needed for a Flexible Exports trial compatible install using a Fimer inverter and SwitchDin Droplet.

Fimer inverter and SwitchDin droplet

Download a printable copy of the Fimer communications wiring diagram (PDF 270 KB).

Fimer inverter with SwitchDin inverter communications wiring diagram

What to bring

Number Equipment Comment
1 UNO-DM-TL-PLUS-Q 3.3-6.0kW Accessory Board UNO-DM-PLUS Ethernet COM kit required
2 Any compatible meter Refer to compatible technology list
3 SwitchDin Droplet and power adaptor  
4 RS485 cable (droplet to meter)  
5 RS485 to USB converter (droplet to meter)  
6 Ethernet to USB converter (inverter to droplet)  
7 Ethernet cable (inverter to droplet)  
8 GPO for Droplet May already exist depending on droplet location
9 Ethernet cable (droplet to router) Not required under Wi-Fi configuration