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GroWatt communications wiring diagram

The diagram below shows the communications wiring and materials needed for a Flexible Exports trial compatible install using a Growatt  inverter and SwitchDin Droplet.

Download a printable copy of the GroWatt communications wiring diagram (PDF 170KB)

Growatt and droplett comms diagram

What to bring

Number Equipment Comment
1 Growatt MIN TL-X  2.5-6.0  
2 Eastron Energy Meter Refer to compatible technology list
3 SwitchDin Droplet and power adapter  
4 CAT5/6 cable (inverter to meter) Inverter end terminated into inverter SYS-COM port
5 DB-9 serial cable (inverter to droplet) Inverter end terminated into inverter SYS-COM port
6 DB-9 serial to USB converter  
  GPO for Droplet May already exist depending on droplet location
8 Ethernet cable (droplet to router) Not required under Wi-Fi configuration