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GroWatt communications wiring diagram

The diagram below shows the communications wiring and materials needed for a Flexible Exports trial compatible install using a Growatt  inverter and SwitchDin Droplet.

Download a printable copy of the GroWatt communications wiring diagram (PDF 170KB)

Refer to page 31 of the OTR Smart Meter wiring arrangement document.

Growatt and droplett comms diagram

What to bring

Number Equipment Comment
1 Growatt MIN TL-X  2.5-6.0  
2 Eastron Energy Meter Refer to compatible technology list
3 SwitchDin Droplet and power adapter  
4 CAT5/6 cable (inverter to meter) Inverter end terminated into inverter SYS-COM port
5 DB-9 serial cable (inverter to droplet) Inverter end terminated into inverter SYS-COM port
6 DB-9 serial to USB converter  
  GPO for Droplet May already exist depending on droplet location
8 Ethernet cable (droplet to router) Not required under Wi-Fi configuration