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What is a SwitchDin Droplet?

Droplets are edge computing devices developed by SwitchDin which enable SA Power Networks' Flexible Export connections to select brands and models of inverters.

SwtchDin Droplet

Picture: Droplet ONE


When do I need it?

If you are installing a Flexible Exports compatible inverter, check if you will need a SwitchDin Droplet on the Compatible Equipment page. SwitchDin Droplet currently only supports management of one inverter per site for Flexible Exports.

What do I need to do?

How do I set up a SwitchDin Droplet?

Droplets can be commissioned using either a web interface if using a PC, or via an app interface if on mobile.

Installation of the SwitchDin Droplet is included in the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) specific to the inverter make and model available on the Compatible Equipment page.