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Network demand and tariff change request

If you are a large business customer who wants to change your demand based network tariffs, your retailer can complete our network demand and tariff change request form.

If you are a small business or residential customer, you should contact your retailer to arrange changes to your tariffs.

Read our privacy policy and disclaimer, or contact us for more information.

All details we receive in the application must align with our records. Where details do not match, we will return the form to the retailer and they will need to provide a current Customer Detail Notification on any change.

We will not be liable for any errors resulting from an incorrect tariff selection, and we reserve the right to charge for previously reduced agreed demands that exceed it.

What we need from you

For a demand change, we will need:

  • an explanation of the different business operations or supply requirements
  • Power Factor correction equipment date of installation, if applicable.

For a tariff Change, we will determine if you are eligible from the information we already hold in relation to your site.

If you are ineligible for either change, we will reject your request and send you an email advising why we did.

Helpful documents
Actual demand tariff fact sheet
(114 KB) Download
Agreed demand tariff fact sheet
(113 KB) Download

Only retailers responsible for the National Meter Identifier (NMI) can apply for this. Due to the billing relationship with retailers, we are unable to accept forms from you or third parties directly.

If you are on an agreed demand tariff, you can request a reduction of your preferred payment maximum demand level. You must nominate both annual and anytime kVA.

Any increases after we reduce your maximum demand may incur additional costs. This is a result of surplus demand we allocate to other customers or capacity no longer being available.

You may request a different tariff on your site. For example, you may wish to move from agreed demand to business actual demand.

If you are seeking a change to an agreed demand tariff for the first time, we require you to include both annual and anytime kVA.

Changes apply to the first day of the following month of a successful application, unless we have agreed to a specific date. We will generally not consider any applications for back-dating.