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Notification of works

Street lighting upgrade in Sportsman Drive, West Lakes


We understand the concerns from both residents and road users related to repeat, and prolonged, faults with the public lighting in Sportsman Drive, West Lakes. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused members of the community and visitors.

The underground cables that supply the public lighting in this area were initially installed in the 1980s using methods no longer in use.

What we're doing

To ensure a reliable public lighting system for the future, we will be undertaking a staged program to replace the entire underground cable network for streetlights. We have completed the technical design and are now ready to start civil works, which are scheduled to begin in early September 2023. We expect the entire project to be completed within approximately six months.

How this affects you

The City of Charles Sturt is aware about the temporary pedestrian lighting and the reduced traffic speed limit of 25km per hour along Sportsman Drive which were implemented to ensure public safety. The 25km speed restriction is necessary during both the day and night due to the concrete blocks around the temporary lights and the glare at night, which poses a risk to drivers.

We will provide updates to the community periodically regarding progress for each stage of work.

Power outages

We don’t expect any customers will experience power outages during this work. If your property will be affected, we will send a card, or send SMS/emails to subscribed customers, typically two weeks before the planned outage. Sign up to receive free SMS updates and alerts for power at your property.

Further information

We appreciate the community’s continued support and patience.

If you have any questions, or need further information: