History of SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks has a long and rich history as a South Australian icon.

Since our inception, we have played a pivotal role in the development of the State, providing employment and ensuring homes and businesses function effectively.

With roots in the privately owned Adelaide Electric Supply Company formed in 1904, the Electricity Trust of South Australia (SA) was established by the State Government in 1946 as a publicly owned utility responsible for providing electricity to all South Australians.

With the advent of deregulation, the State Government formed ETSA Corporation. Between 1996 and 1998 the functions of this corporation were distributed amongst various business entities, with ETSA Utilities being responsible for electricity distribution.

In 1999 a decision was taken to privatise the electricity industry in South Australia. Late in that year, ETSA Utilities was sold to the Cheung Kong Group.

In September 2012, ETSA Utilities changed its name to SA Power Networks to clearly reflect our focus on the electricity networks (regulated and unregulated) serving business and residential customers in metropolitan Adelaide and regional and remote South Australia.

Today, SA Power Networks is 51 percent owned by Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited and Power Assets Holdings, which form part of the Cheung Kong Group of companies. The remaining 49 percent is owned by Spark Infrastructure which began trading on the ASX in December 2005.