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Metering changes in SA


As the electricity distributor in South Australia, SA Power Networks provides a range of services, one of which has changed.

Traditionally, we’ve installed, maintained and read your electricity meter.

Due to changes in the Industry, Retailers (the people who manage your electricity bill) are now responsible for installing all new and replacement meters for residential and small business customers.

All new and replaced meters are required to meet a new minimum standard with increased functionality compared to our traditional meters.

Digital electricity meters have key attributes:

  • Remote reconnection and disconnection capabilities
  • Remote data reading capabilities
  • Interval data capabilities

When you switch to a digital meter, it means that we (SA Power Networks) will no longer be responsible for it.

When you connect a new property, change your service (i.e. install solar) or your meter needs replacing, you’ll need to switch to a digital meter, which can be organised through your nominated Retailer.

As long as your SA Power Networks meter remains, we will continue to look after it and undertake meter reads.