Annual Network plans

SA Power Networks follows the public consultation processes mandated by Chapter 5 of the National Electricity Rules (NER).  These processes include:

  • The creation and maintenance of a public Demand Side Engagement Register;
  • The publication of a Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) in accordance with the requirements of Schedule 5.8 of the NER, describing future identified needs and projects in response to those needs;
  • The evaluation of projects to assess whether or not there is a potential for a non-network solution.  For most network augmentations estimated to cost more than $5 million we perform a Regulatory Investment Test – Distribution (RIT-D);
  • The publication of  a Demand Side Engagement Document that explains how non-network solution providers may engage with SA Power Networks, the processes to be followed by generator proponents and how we evaluate proposals in response to RIT-D consultations and the processes that we follow.