Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR)

SA Power Networks produces each year a Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) . The DAPR has been prepared by SA Power Networks to comply with the National Electricity Rules clause 5.13.2. This report is published annually in accordance with clause 5.13.2(a)(2) and provides the information specified in the NER Schedule 5.8.

The aim of this 2017 DAPR is to inform NEM regulators, participants and stakeholders about existing and forecast system limitations on our distribution network, and where and when they are expected to arise within the forward planning period from 2017/18 to 2021/22 and whether the AER’s Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution process applies.

The 2017 DAPR also provides information on our demand management initiatives, reliability and quality of supply  performance and our planned asset replacement investments.

To be advised by email of the publication of the DAPR or other regulatory planning documents please register your interest on the Demand Side Engagement Register.


Distribution Annual Planning Report 2017_18 to 2021_22 FINAL


Attachment A-1 10% PoE substation load forecast

Attachment A-2 50% PoE substation load forecast

Attachment A-3 33kV sub-transmission line forecast

Attachment A-4 66kV metro sub-transmission line forecast

Attachment A-5 66kV rural sub-transmission line forecast


Attachment B-1 2018 system limitation templates

Attachment B-2 2019 system limitation templates

Attachment B-3 2020 system limitation templates

Attachment B-4 2021 system limitation templates

Attachment B-5 2022 system limitation templates