Zone Substation Data

The Disclaimer and Conditions of Use below apply to the data contained in the files accessed through this webpage (called "data" below).


SA Power Networks makes no representation as to the accuracy, content, completeness or reliability of the data. The data is raw data that has not been analysed and is untested and unvalidated. It has been compiled based on certain assumptions and tolerances.

Any use of the data by third parties or conclusions drawn from its use shall be at the sole risk of the party concerned.  SA Power Networks makes no warranty or guarantee as to the quality , accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose of the data. Other than responsibilities under law that cannot be excluded, SA Power Networks  accepts no liability  or claims for any losses in relation to the data. The liability of SA Power Networks for a breach of any condition or warranty imposed by law and which has not been excluded is limited, to the extent possible, at SA Power Network's option to:

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  • The payment of the cost of having the goods or services supplied again.

SA Power Networks has excluded from the data, information relating to those zone substations which is considered confidential or commercially sensitive . 

SA Power Networks may review, change or remove some or all of the data at anytime without notice.

Conditions of Use

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  5. You acknowledge that SA Power Networks' distribution network is dynamic in nature and subject to change to manage operational constraints and that the network's configuration is subject to change without notice.

Data Format

The data provided consists of a rolling ten years worth of zone substation data consisting of one file per financial year in .csv file format.

Each year's zone substation data file contains:

1. The SA Power Networks region the zone substation operates within;

2. The name of the zone substation including the nominal primary and secondary voltages;

3. The name of the upstream transmission connection point;

4. The date of the reading;

5. The time of the reading in Central Standard Time (CST) or Central Standard Summer Time (CSST) as applicable;

6. The reading units;

7. The summation of the zone substation's transformer(s) in MW, MVAr and MVA readings for each half hour (where available); or

8. The summation of the zone substation's transformer(s) or downstream feeder's readings in Amps (where MW / MVAr readings do not exist).

It should be noted that whilst the majority of SA Power Network's SCADA readings are measured on the secondary side of its zone substation transformers, for some sites they are measured on the primary side of the transformer(s) (ie include transformer losses).  As per clause 5.13A(c) of the NER, no correction has been applied to the data provided.

To avoid possible confusion, any additional data points recorded at the time of transition between CSST and CST and vice versa have been excluded from the data provided. All times represent wall clock time.

Future Updates

Future updates will be made on an annual basis by the 31st of October each year.

Further Information

Further information regarding the normal configuration of the distribution network, including system maps and tables detailing which transmission connection point substations normally supply our zone substations is contained within our Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR)