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Large Embedded Generation conditions of application submission

We are entitled under the National Electricity Rules to charge you a reasonable fee(s) to cover expenses directly and reasonably incurred by us in assessing your application, making a connection offer to you, and/or providing miscellaneous services associated with your embedded generation connection. The fee code is ASC463 and can be found in Manual 18: Connections & Ancillary Network Services.

By submitting this application, you are confirming that, to the best of your knowledge, the details you are providing are correct. You accept that should any information in the future be found to be incorrect or misleading in anyway the approval may be withdrawn. You also confirm that if  this application is being completed by someone other than the Customer, that the customer has been made aware of, and understands their obligations and that the person completing the application confirms to SA Power Networks that they are authorised by the Customer to:

  • complete and lodge this application; and
  • agree to the relevant terms and conditions