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Apply for solar and other generators

Getting connected

Before you install or upgrade any equipment such as solar panels or battery storage, we’ll need to assess the impact this equipment will have on our local network to ensure it does not negatively affect others.

Depending on the existing meter, you may need to pay for a digital meter to track your energy use, which you'll need to organise through your retailer.

Where customers apply for multiple systems, the application process applies to the same parcel of land, or adjacent parcels where the applicant(s) have a common director, are owned, are operated, or share an interest in the same entity. Download information relating to cluster rules for further details.

Due to the technical nature of the information we need, we recommend you have an electrician or electrical consultant complete the forms on your behalf. 

Please be aware that we are in the process of transitioning embedded generation applications/language to focus on kVA, rather than kW. This change is to align with inverter capacity/plate ratings, which are stipulated in kVA.

Amendments to the National Electricity Rules (NER), which commence on 18 December 2021 require all grid connected inverters to comply with AS/NZS 4777.2:2020. More Info

Find the size of your generator and view the connection process below.

Small embedded generation

Small embedded generation

Apply for inverters no greater than 30kVA.

Medium embedded generation

Medium embedded generation

Apply for inverters greater than 30kVA but no greater than 200kVA.

Large embedded generation

Large embedded generation

Apply for inverters greater than 200kVA and all rotating generators.

What licensing do I need to install embedded generation?

You may be required to hold a licence under the Electricity Act 1996. The Essential Services Commission (ESCOSA) is responsible for issuing, varying or transferring licences to participants in the electricity supply industry. Refer to ESCOSA for further information on how to apply for a licence.

Recently completed projects

View a list of recently completed projects by downloading our Register of Completed Projects Under 5MW and Register of Completed Projects Over 5MW.