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Our new Flexible Exports connection option gives you world-first smart solar technology developed right here in South Australia.

  • More solar. 

  • More savings. 

  • More stability. 

Drive better returns on solar

We’ve developed a breakthrough using dynamic solar energy export technology to free up our shared solar highway — bringing you an escape from solar congestion.

It’s called Flexible Exports.

This new option allows you to increase the amount of solar you can generate and opens the opportunity for you to export your unused energy back into the grid — up to 10kW per phase.  

This means less waste than traditional lower fixed solar export limits, better returns for you and a more stable energy grid for all South Australians.

Soak up the savings

Right now, the better returns look like savings on your energy bills from increased solar use and exports back into the grid.

A flexible future

In the future, this smart technology is planned to allow for improved integration with home batteries and electric vehicles.

Get more from your solar? 

Learn about Flexible Exports and find out how to access this new connection option.

Get more information and check if your property is currently eligible for Flexible Exports

For more information about Flexible Exports you can download the brochure below or visit the Flexible Exports customer page.

FE Brochure Thumbnail

Flexible Exports brochure
For more information about Flexible Exports and your journey to doubling your energy from the sun.

FE Eligibility Thumbnail

Is your property eligible?
The Flexible Exports option is being rolled out across South Australia in phases from 1 July 2023 and will be completed by mid 2024. Check to see if your property is currently eligible.