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Electrical contractors responsibilities for reconnecting installations after flood waters recede

In all situations, SA Power Networks' priority is safety, including the safety of our employees and the safety of the community.

Regardless of damage, or otherwise to a property, safe access is our priority and will be the first consideration when looking to assess and/or access a site.

We have prepared a fact sheet with information about the process of reconnecting power after flooding.


IMPORTANT: SA Power Networks will do an assessment of all properties that were disconnected due to flooding and will leave a notice in the meter enclosure or switchboard. If the customer has received an Orange Notification Card advising that access was not available, it is important access is first made available/ safe and then to call 13 13 66 to arrange for re-attendance.

We are advising customers of the following process:

Information to step through a decision tree for what customers can do to prepare for reconnections after flooding.Step 1. Can you access your property safely? If no, then wait until you can access your property safely.If Yes, then move to step 2.Step 2. Do you have documentation in your meter box or at your front door or at your property ;eft by SA Power Networks?If yes, Call your retailer to trigger the reconnection process. SA Power Networks will contact you once we reconnect your power.If no, move to step 3.Step 3. Were you inundated by floods?If no, Call your retailer for reconnection. SA Power Networks will be in contact once we hear from your retailerIf yes, move to step 4.Step 4. Engage an electrician to perform checks of your property.Call your retailer for reconnection. Note that you will also need a licensed electrician to restore power to your entire premises and this will require an eCoC. SA Power Networks can only reconnect power where it is confirmed safe to do so.


There are three scenarios SA Power Networks will be responding to for the flood recovery. Expand the sections below for more information on each scenario.

No water inundation of property (electrical installation not affected).

SA Power Networks will restore supply at the connection point and leave the main switch/es in the “OFF” position. The customer will be responsible for turning “ON” the main switch/es.

If there is no access to the main switches, SA Power Networks will NOT restore supply at the connection point and advise the customer to notify (via 13 13 66) when access is available.

It will not be possible for SA Power Networks to commit to a specific timeframe or appointment for a return visit due to ongoing flood recovery commitments, but we will communicate via SMS / email with customers when we have information to share about our progress with reconnecting power.

Partial water inundation of the property (electrical installation beyond the main switchboard may still be affected).

SA Power Networks will restore supply up to the main switch/es or isolation point/s beyond the load side of metering where it has been deemed safe to do so and remove the cable “tail” from the load side of the main swithc/es, or from appropriate isolation point/s.

Electrical Contractor responsibilities:

  • Test and verify the integrity of the electrical installation, and repair as required, and
  • Connect/re-establish wiring (that was disconnected by SA Power Networks) to the main switch/es or isolation point/s, and
  • Complete eCoC as per normal (SA Power Networks does not need to receive this), and
  • Turn “ON” the main switch/es or isolation point/s to restore customer’s supply

Water inundation of property where the electrical installation has been compromised.

SA Power Networks will isolate supply and disconnect the consumer mains at the connection point.

The customer and electrician need to determine if repairs can be undertaken, or if the property needs to be demolished.

A. Repairs and reconnection

Electrical Contractor responsibilities:

  • Test and verify the integrity of the electrical installation to AS/NZS 3017:2022 and repair/ replace as required, and
  • contact the retailer and raise a reconnection service order.
  • Must complete an eCoC
  • Leave a copy of the eCoC on site (if this is not reasonably practical you may leave a completed ATC form with the eCoC number).

For installations that require electrical work, please be aware that SA Power Networks process will not consider the following work as an ‘Alteration’ in the flood affected areas:

  • relocation of existing MSB to a more appropriate location above flood levels, (e.g., a suitable accessible balcony), or
  • changing the MSB to a free-standing location, or
  • replacing the consumer mains from the existing connection point

Note: where electrical work is required a meter isolator shall be installed.

IMPORTANT: If the work you need to undertake does not fit the above scenarios, and is work that includes an increase to capacity, changes to the connection point, or the number of phases, this will be considered an Alteration. This will need to be processed under normal practice through the SA Power Networks website/REX and normal charges will apply.

Where SA Power Networks is unable to reconnect due to non-compliance, re-attendance fees may apply.

B. Demolition and rebuild (new supply)

Electrical contractor/ customer responsibilities:

  • raise an abolishment service order request via the Retailer
  • raise a New Supply service request in REX
  • contact the Retailer to apply for a New Supply service request.

IMPORTANT - all works shall comply to the AS/NZS 3000 and SA Power Networks’ Service and Installation Rules.


Electricity meter bypass

In some cases, the electricity meter/s will need to be replaced due to water damage. Where safe, SA Power Networks will bypass the damaged meter and advise the customer’s retailer to follow up with the installation of replacement metering. In preparation for a meter bypass, please ensure all cable tails are safely terminated as per AS/NZS 3000 requirements.


Example notification cards

Below are examples of our cards/information that will be left on site for flood affected customers:

Scenario 1

When supply is available and we have attempted to restore supply (e.g. supply restored, no access, unable to do safety checks). Left in letterbox or door and service point or MSB

Notification cards example

Scenario 2

Attached to circuit breaker, switch or fuses of a circuit that has been isolated for safety reasons. Left at service point or inside main switch board.

Example of an unsafe wiring danger tag

Scenario 3

When the supply is left off for safety reasons (e.g. MSB flood affected). Left in letterbox or door and service point or MSB.

Example danger tags from SA Power Networks

After reconnection

After reconnection - provides technical information for meter installer, electricians and SA Power Networks. Left inside main switch board.

An example of a notice card that will be left by SA Power Networks staff after a flooding reconnection has occurred. Notice will be left inside the main switch board.


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