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Artist expression of interest

SA Power Networks is looking to engage a Ngarrindjeri First Nations artist to create a mural for the outer wall of the Murray Bridge sub-station.  

SA Power Networks is a key player in South Australia’s energy industry as the State’s sole electricity distributor. We are responsible for managing the South Australian electricity distribution network – the substations, transformers, poles and wires that deliver electricity safely and reliably to 1.7 million South Australians every day. 

As part of our first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), SA Power Networks strives to continue providing opportunities for First Nations Peoples and Communities. Our commitment and actions will drive our contribution to reconciliation both internally and externally in the communities we operate in. 

One of the actions identified in our RAP was to explore engaging a First Nations artists to develop a suitable mural for the sub-station at Murray Bridge. 

We are seeking an artist to create and develop a mural, which will be featured on the Murray Bridge South sub-station outer wall and used in other SA Power Networks communications e.g. website, social media.  

Artists Brief

Expand each section below for more details.

What will the artist’s role be?  

To create a mural that reflects SA Power Networks’ commitment to reconciliation, the lands we operate on, the role we play in the community and our sphere of influence. 

Our Reflect RAP came into effect in February 2024 and we have 12 months to deliver on our commitments. The selected artist will be credited and spotlighted throughout our internal RAP hub page and on our social media, which will detail the inspiration and a description of the mural. In addition, an artist summary will provide an overview of the artist and the story behind the mural. 

The artwork must be a painted mural, as well as being suitable for reproduction across a range of digital and printed materials. The image below shows the sub-station wall to be painted for this commission.  

The sub-station wall is approx. 8.7m wide and 2.5m high. The mural must cover a minimum of 80% of the Murray Bridge sub-station outer wall.  

RAP Mural location Murray Bridge substation

Application dates

  • Applications open: Monday 24 June 2024
  • Applications close: Monday 15 July 2024 

Application & selection process

  • Stage 1: 

Apply by completing the mural artwork expression of interest form below. Applicants will also need to include indicative images of their work to support their application.

  • Stage 2: 

The successful artist will be selected to develop the mural. 
The selected artist will be notified by Tuesday 23 July 

Key delivery dates:  

The timeframe for the completed artwork will need to be negotiated with the preferred artist, but we are seeking a completion date of September 2024.  

Milestones and timing from the date submissions close are as follows: 

Timeframe guide Date

EOI call out (3 weeks) 

Monday 24 June 2024
Closes COB Monday 15 July 2024  

Selection panel to choose preferred artist  Tuesday 23 July 2024 
Create and develop final mural   September/October 2024.
Launch of mural and photography of mural.   October 2024


The artist will develop a mural, which will be featured on the Murray Bridge South sub-station outer wall and used in other SA Power Networks communications e.g. website, social media.  

SA Power Networks will acquire ownership of the mural. The physical work will be permanently displayed on the Murray Bridge sub-station unless the building is demolished or upgraded in the future. At this stage, there are no plans to upgrade the sub-station in the foreseeable future. If the sub-station is identified for upgrading, we will work with the artist to remove or record the mural.


One artist will be selected to progress their concept to completion. As part of the EOI process the Artist is to provide an itemised budget to complete the artwork, including all materials, anti-graffiti coating, equipment, travel expenses and artist fee to produce the work. The final fee will be negotiated with the selected artist. Any preparatory work required for the wall should be included in the cost to develop the mural. The artist will retain the moral rights to the mural. The Artist will be responsible for the maintenance of mural/artwork for 3 years to 31 December 2027. 

An indicative budget of $10,000 is available if no mentoring or working with school kids is required as part of the commission. 

All Copyright and Moral Rights pertaining to Artwork/Mural will remain with the Artist. The Artist warrants that the Artwork/Mural will not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any person. The Artist grants SAPN a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use or reproduce and publish images or recordings of the Artwork, for not-for-profit promotional, documentation and educational purposes. 

If you have any enquiries about the process, please contact:

Primary Contact: 
Alex Lewis 
Reset Engagement Manager  

Secondary Contact: 
Chad Ytsma 
Reconciliation Action Plan Coordinator 

Expression of Interest form

If you would like your artwork to be considered, complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Applications close on 15 July 2024.

Information for how to complete the Expression of Interest form below

Artist statement

  • Provide a brief artist statement (max 250 words) which outlines your current artistic practice.

Vision statement

  • Provide a brief statement (max 250 words) to outline your vision for the artwork. This should discuss your idea and vision for your artwork.

Indicative costing

  • Provide an itemised budget to develop and create the Mural, including artist fee, all preparatory costs, materials and travel, anti-graffiti coating, equipment, and maintenance for 3 years. The final cost to produce the mural will be negotiated with the selected artist.


  • Provide an indicative timeline that includes design development and the number of days required onsite to create the mural. 

Supporting Materials

Upload your current resume or provide details of previous work

  • Max 2 pages
  • PDF or Word document formats only

Upload examples of your recent artwork

  • Upload maximum of 4 images of recent artworks
  • Jpg, Jpeg and PNG format only
  • examples should be no more than 3 years old
  • maximum image size of 3000px on the longest side
  • maximum 5MB size per individual image

Provide the name and contact details of one referee (optional)

File naming convention

Please name each file with the following naming convention. Artist's Surname_Name followed by the type of supporting material, 'resume' or 'artwork'. For example, if the artist's name is John Smith:

  • The file name for the resume would be Smith_John_resume.PDF
  • The file name for example artworks would be Smith_John_Artwork1.jpg
RAP mural - Artists Expression of Interest form - Artist details