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Notification of works

Underground network upgrade in Clifton Court, Stonyfell

Important Project Update: In September last year, we communicated our plans to replace the underground cable in Clifton Court, Stonyfell by July this year. While we aim to complete the work within this year, the completion may extend into early 2025. Our previous repairs have held strong, and there have been no further power outages since September 2023. We appreciate your continued patience and support, and we will keep you informed ahead of any upcoming work. For real-time updates, consider subscribing to our SMS or email alerts.


We understand the concerns and frustrations related to repeat, and prolonged, power interruptions from the underground cable faults in Clifton Court, Stonyfell.

The underground cables that supply power in this area were initially installed in the 1980s using techniques no longer in use. These outdated methods have contributed to cable degradation over time. 

We apologise to those affected for the poor experience. 

What we're doing

To improve power reliability, we will be replacing a section of the underground cable that supplies properties in Clifton Court. There are many complexities in the design including mapping other underground utilities, avoiding tree roots and damage to trees, and surveying property boundaries.

Our aim is to complete the entire project by June 2024 and we will keep you informed along the way.  

Power outages

Customers will experience power outages during this work, which we will keep to an absolute minimum. If your property will be affected, we will send a card, or send SMS/emails to subscribed customers, typically two weeks before the planned outage. If you are not subscribed, we recommend that you sign up to receive free SMS updates and alerts for power at your property.

Further information

We appreciate the community’s continued support and patience. If you have any questions, or need further information: