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Requests for information

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has stipulated that any ‘confidential information’ we share with our affiliate(s) must be made available to other legal entities (who provide Contestable Electricity Services and who request to be placed on our Information Sharing Register to receive that kind of information) on an equal basis (refer Section 4.1 of the AER Ring-fencing Guideline).

Our Ring-fencing Information Sharing Protocol provides details about how and when we will share confidential information with other legal entities. Note that depending on the complexity and format of information requirements, a fee may be applicable.

We will assess all requests for information on an equal basis and in a timely manner. If your request complies with the AER Ring-fencing Guideline, we will place your request on our Ring-fencing Information Sharing Register.

We will provide an explanation if we deny your request.

To request to be placed on the Information Sharing Register please complete the following mandatory details:

Requests for information