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The future is here

Imagine neighbourhoods pooling power and communities run by the sun. Did you know, this is already happening?

Around one-third of all homes and businesses in SA now have rooftop solar. Collectively, it’s the biggest generator of electricity in our state. The uptake of batteries is also accelerating due to state government incentives and falling prices.

We’re connecting South Australians to this energy future we can all be proud of.


Creating the future together

The Power of Possibility is being created by our state's world-leading integration of renewable energy sources into the grid - showing the future of energy is already here.

At SA Power Networks we're helping customers take control of their energy needs by connecting new technology to the grid. Our goal is to double the amount of solar on our State grid by 2025.

Imagine the power of possibility

Imagine the power of possibility being created by our energy transition. It can lead to a range of incredible benefits for our community including:

  • lower household energy bills
  • better health outcomes
  • better social outcomes
  • a growing economy based on clean energy from the sun and wind.

Imagine the benefits together

We want to acknowledge and celebrate this amazing transition that we’re all a part of – both in helping make it happen and sharing in the benefits.

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