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Contractors and Designers

Contractors, network investors, suppliers, and designers are all important business partners of SA Power Networks.

This section of the website is designed for electrical contractors, tradespeople, local government employees and other industry professionals to have easy access to a wide range of information and resources.

From standard terms and conditions through to a specific technical standard or broad network information, this section should provide everything you need.

Technical standards

Understand the requirements for designing and constructing overhead and underground distribution lines and telecommunication facilities.

Work Health and Safety

General WHS information relevant to contractors working on SA Power Networks sites and projects.

Operational Manuals

A library of our Operational Manuals is available to our external customers and contractors.

REX Home

The REX system enables registered electricians to book, monitor or cancel low voltage electrical connections.

Contractor forms and guides

Find the common SA Power Networks forms relating to electricity connection and/or supply for use by contractors and builders.