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Metering Contestability - Metering changes in SA: Post go-live update

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Metering Contestability is now in effect and we have been working hard to ensure a smooth transition and will continue with further education and updates across the coming months.

Below you will find:

  • a reminder that the ‘staged’ approach for those retailers that ‘Opted in’ before 30 November 2017 is coming to a close (30 March 2018)
  • advice surrounding appointment time frames for meter providers
  • an overview of the responsibility change
  • a video recording of an awareness session, which explains Metering Contestability and the responsibility changes across SA Power Networks and what this may mean for you.

Coming up 30 March - end of industry 'staged' approach

The industry ‘staged’ approach is ending on 30 March 2018 for retailers that ‘Opted in’ and had work received and accepted by SAPN before 30 November 2017. After this date, SA Power Networks will no longer install metering equipment.

All meters installed after 30 March 2018 will be arranged and undertaken via the customer’s retailer and their meter provider.

It will be the responsibility of the electrician to coordinate this.

New service provision and alteration of service provision

Under the ‘staged’ approach, SA Power Networks has continued to install the servicing and metering for ‘Opted in’ retailers. As of 30 March 2018, this period will end.

Electricians will continue to book servicing and energisations with SA Power Networks and contact the customers retailer to arrange metering equipment from this date. SA Power Networks will continue to provide the servicing equipment and conduct the energisation to the meter isolator.

PV installations

SA Power Networks has continued to install PV metering for ‘Opted in’ retailers. Again, this will end from 30 March 2018.

This means once SEG approval has been granted by SA Power Networks, the customer or electrician will need to contact their retailer to arrange metering equipment.

From 30 March 2018, work that was previously with SA Power Networks but has not yet been booked will be sent to the retailer to manage and arrange metering with the customer or electrician.

Appointment time frames

Some enquiries we’ve received since 1 December 2017 relate to the appointment times for meter providers to install their metering. At this stage, we recommend that before booking an appointment with us for a new service provision or alteration, you may wish to speak with the retailer to clarify when they may be able to attend the property.

It is expected that this will prevent electricians from having to cancel and rebook appointments and will ensure that no customers are left without supply.

Responsibility changes

Other enquiries we are receiving relate to the coordination and organisation of meters and meter providers. As part of the regulation changes, SA Power Networks are unable to coordinate or organise meters, meter providers and any other meter related services. Under the new regulations, retailers are responsible for this and electricians will need to coordinate these services directly with them.


Electrician forums held last year covered the reasoning behind the contestable market for metering, the changes in responsibilities and the industry ‘staged’ approach. If you were unable to attend or would like to hear the information again, the recording from one of these forums can be found by clicking this link (recorded 17 November 2017). It is around 30 minutes in length so you may want to jump to an area of interest.

Further information

If you still have questions about Metering Contestability that are not covered in the recording or the information above, please send your queries to

You can also check out our previous Industry News or visit the AEMC website and search ‘Power of Choice’ for further information.

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