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Metering Contestability- Metering changes in SA: Update from retailers

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In this edition of Industry News, we would like to share an article from retailers addressing some issues surrounding Metering Contestability.

We recognise there have been some challenges, so the industry is working together to improve the experience for electricians and customers around the scheduling and coordination of meter works.


Following the launch of Power of Choice (Metering Contestability) in South Australia, Retailers have commenced the following services:

  • installation and provision of new metering (smart meters)
  • installation and provision of replacement metering and associated services (such as maintenance of new smart meters)
  • collection and provision of interval data to market
  • management of Retailer ‘planned outages’ (due to metering works, testing, etc.).

Continuous improvement

Since the beginning of December 2017, the industry has faced some challenges transitioning into Metering Contestability. In some cases, these challenges have resulted in meter provision being delayed.

One of the key challenges is the coordination of planned meter works and its visibility to all parties involved.

The industry is working together to improve on these issues with some quick-to-implement solutions while working on a long-term solution that’s more efficient and sustainable.

These actions include:

  • further training for staff to provide improved service to you
  • SA Power Networks sending weekly reports to retailers with details about planned REC jobs
  • more efficient escalation processes in individual retail businesses to expedite remediation of “off-supply” issues
  • enhanced FAQs on Retailers’ websites for a better customer experience.

Important information

Retailers are now responsible for coordinating planned meter work. Once you book an appointment with SA Power Networks, you should contact the relevant Retailer as soon as possible for the required job. This will make sure the best possible outcomes are reached for both the customer and you.

Retailer contact numbers

  • AGL: 1800 680 430
  • Energy Australia: 1800 818 378
  • Origin Energy: 1300 132 480
  • Simply Energy: 1800 940 775 (directly line for electricians, effective 4 June 2018)

For other retailers, please follow their contact details available online or in the phonebook.

Other key proposed changes

We understand there are issues but we are working towards improving our services to better support you and the customer. This includes:

  • the industry working towards better visibility of jobs
  • better information on booked appointments, enabling retailers to manage coordination with meter providers
  • continuous and more frequent engagement with RECs via appropriate channels.

Further information

If you want more information about Metering Contestability, you can read about it on our new meter installations page. You can also check out the AEMC website.

If you have any questions, you can send them to

Authorised by: Dana Rankine, Manager Customer Programs, SA Power Networks

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