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SA network sets a new mark for negative demand

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South Australia's distribution network has again become a net exporter of energy - with the output of rooftop solar and other distribution-connected generation more than meeting daytime electricity demand on the network on 12 days so far this year. 

The state achieved a new 'negative demand' record of -236MW on 16 October, with the distribution network being a net exporter for more than 5.5 hours, the longest duration seen so far in SA's energy transition.

Negative demand is when there is more electricity being generated than what is required in the network. We're excited by the continued growth of rooftop solar. It's contributing to the decarbonisation of our economy.

In the next 5-10 years, we expect to see South Australia's energy needs during the middle parts of the day regularly being supplied 100% from rooftop solar.


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