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DER Compliance: Preparing for Stage 3

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The DER Compliance Program is committed to enabling the continued connection of solar to our network - ensuring the solar industry can continue to grow and prosper in South Australia.

Following the launch of Stage 1 (Close out) of the DER Compliance Program in May 2023, a positive upward trend in compliance metrics has been observed. Now, combined compliance rates across both Stage 1 (Close out) and Stage 2 (Flexible Exports) are sitting at a healthy 95% average.

Bar graph showing DER compliance rates over time from May 2023 - March 2024.

Upcoming changes

Stage 3 of the DER Compliance program will introduce automatic export limit monitoring of all fixed export sites (0kW, 1.5kW and 5kW). Fixed sites exporting more than their approved export limit, will be flagged as non-compliant and contribute to overall compliance percentage.

Stage 3 will be launched in Q2 2024 at a date to be confirmed in upcoming communications.

SA Power Networks is committed to supporting retailers and installers through the implementation of Stage 3.

How we are helping the industry prepare for the upcoming changes

Our New Energy Services Team is currently reaching out to solar retailers and installers with export limit breaches, to talk through ways to increase their overall compliance percentage ahead of Stage 3 coming into effect. If you think you may have export limit breaches, or you are just looking to understand more about the DER Compliance Program, contact our team on 13 12 61, Option 2 or via email

We will continue to keep you informed of Stage 3 requirements and the go-live date via Notice to Industry releases. Support materials will also be available on our DER Compliance webpage.

A reminder of the compliance journey so far

Stage Focus area What you need to do Contribute towards compliance

Close out

Close out all installations in SmartSA

Since May 2023
2 Flexible Exports

Install, register the device and successfully complete the capability test for Flexible Exports sites.

Since July 2023
3 Export limits* Ensure fixed (0kW, 1.5kW and 5kW) are not exceeded Q2 2024

Volt-Var /

Ensure regional Power Quality settings (Volt-Var / Volt-Watt) are enabled on all installations by selecting ‘Region A’ during set up.



More information on DER compliance

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