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Top tips to meet Flexible Exports compliance requirements

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Over 157,000 South Australian customers can now take up the new Flexible Exports connection option. Solar installers have worked hard to ensure newly installed DER are meeting Flexible Exports requirements, so customers get the most out of their Flexible Exports connection.

Top tips

Here are some hot tips that we know will help you with your next Flexible Exports installation:

Commissioning Sungrow systems for Flexible Exports

When installing Sungrow equipment for a Flexible Exports connection, you must complete the following steps in the following order:

  1. Upgrade the firmware on all inverters and dongles to the latest version.
  2. Install a Sungrow smart meter in the normal manner for export control.
  3. In Sungrow iSolarCloud, create a plant for continuous control envelope reception from SAPN.
  4. In SmartInstall, confirm:
    • the installation is on Flexible Export Plan
    • the status of the device registration
  5. In the iSolarCloud App or Web browser:
    • enter the 10-digit NMI and
    • select ‘SAPN Flexible Exports’ under CSIP Server Connection dropdown. This will link the installed equipment to SmartSA.
      Sungrow screenshot

      Sungrow screenshot
  6. In SmartInstall, check the equipment has been registered successfully and then start the capability test. Make sure that:

    • The system is producing sufficient PV power (at least 1.5 kW).

    • Batteries are turned off for Hybrid set-ups

Keeping internet connectivity, turn off as much load as possible so that the PV power is exported to the grid.

Sungrow screenshot

Sungrow screenshot


If you are still having issues, please take photos of the issue and contact Sungrow’s Service Department on 1800 786 476 or email to

GoodWe self-serve firmware update NOW LIVE

Action any firmware update for GoodWe equipment, directly via their app. For more information, head to the GoodWe website or contact their technical support team on (03) 9918 3905.

Registering Enphase equipment for Flexible Exports

For all Flexible Exports installations with Enphase equipment, you must register each installation with Enphase. Contact the Enphase team on 1800 006 374 or by email, DRS_AU@ENPHASEENERGY.COM, to register equipment for Flexible Exports. Once registered, use SmartInstall to complete the capability test and close-out the installation.

Handy installer checklist for onsite support

Keep our installer checklist for Flexible Exports installation handy when you are onsite. It will guide you through key steps for a Flexible Exports installation.

Need more support?

We encourage you to contact your equipment manufacturer directly. There technical support teams are available to assist with your enquiries.

If your equipment manufacturer can’t be reached, or you need support for anything DER related, our New Energy Services team are available Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. Call 13 12 61 opt 2, or send us a message at

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to enabling the transition to renewable energy for all South Australians.

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