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Electric Vehicles

The global transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is well underway. According to the South Australian government's Green Paper on the Energy Transition, we can expect to see 100% of car sales being electric by as early as 2040.

  • Making the network ‘EV Ready’ - we’ve updated our tariffs so EV owners can charge EVs overnight on the same low rate as off-peak hot water, and the ‘solar sponge’ tariffs provide an additional ‘super off-peak’ period in the middle of the day. We have also made changes to our tariffs for large commercial customers that will reduce the cost to large EV ‘supercharger’ stations and we’re working with commercial EV charging networks to help them to find the best places to connect to the grid.
  • Using EVs in our fleet - we have 12 Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrids operating from our headquarters in Keswick and continue to look for opportunities to incorporate more electric vehicles in our fleet and chargers in our depots.
  • Public charging infrastructure - we partnered with the State Government and the City of Adelaide in the development of the unique Franklin St EV charging hub in the centre of Adelaide and the on-street charging stations around the city. We continue to support councils and private operators with EV charging infrastructure.

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