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Network tariff change request

Any request to change Network Tariff must come via SA Power Networks network tariff change request form. Please note: Requests to change Network Tariff can only be lodged by your electricity retailer.

Read our privacy policy and disclaimer, or contact us for more information.

All details we receive in the application must align with our records. Where details do not match, we will return the form to the retailer.

We will not be liable for any errors resulting from an incorrect tariff selection, and we reserve the right to charge for previously reduced agreed demands that exceed it.

What we need from you

For a tariff Change, we will determine if you are eligible from the information we already hold in relation to your site.

If you are ineligible for the change, we will reject your request and send an email to your retailer advising why we did.

Helpful documents
Annual Pricing Proposal 2022 - 23
(3 MB) Download
Annual Pricing Proposal 2023 - 24
(3 MB) Download

Only retailers responsible for the National Meter Identifier (NMI) can apply for this. Due to the billing relationship with retailers, we are unable to accept forms from you or third parties directly.

Changes apply to the first day of the following month of a successful application, unless we have agreed to a specific date. We will generally not consider any applications for back-dating.