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Power loss to Riverbank Precinct caused by rat

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The Riverbank Precinct, including the Festival Centre lost power just after at 9:30pm on Wednesday night.

Crews attended and found a rat had burrowed its way into a Switching Room in the basement of a building in the Riverbank Precinct. The room houses 11,000 Volt equipment that supplies the Adelaide Festival Centre, Convention Centre and a small number of businesses on Hindley Street.

SA Power Networks’ spokesman Doug Schmidt said crews immediately responded to the power outage.

“The Convention Centre and Hindley Street businesses were restored within half an hour and crews made repairs and restored the Festival Centre and Riverbank Precinct around 11:30pm,” Mr Schmidt said.

“All possible entry points are sealed during construction, but this particular rat was determined and burrowed its way through to the Switching Room.”

For further information, please call SA Power Networks Media on 0403 582 500.

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