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SA Power Networks welcomes updated vegetation regulations following extensive stakeholder engagement

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New rules for vegetation management near powerlines allows us to preserve more of the tree canopy in regional areas and greater flexibility in species selection.

Tree trimming is governed by legislation

SA Power Networks is required by legislation to inspect and clear vegetation from around powerlines at regular intervals of no more than three years. These regulations are reviewed every 10 years.

Latest 10-year review 

Following extensive stakeholder engagement, the SA State Government recently passed new regulations regarding the clearance of vegetation around powerlines, with the main outcomes being improved community safety and the potential for less tree cutting in the future.

The Electricity (Principles of Vegetation Clearance) Regulations 2021 took effect from 1 September 2021. Key changes include:

  • Ability to remove saplings and woody weeds 
  • Extending the reduced pruning approach to other regional centres where risk is low subject to Council agreement ad further analysis 
  • A more flexible Approved Species List to encourage appropriate species selection 
  • Allowing electronic forms of landowner notification and an option for landowners to opt out of receiving notification 
  • Simpler process to review the bushfire/ non bushfire risk boundaries

Find out more about our vegetation program

Find all the information you need about how we manage vegetation around powerlines, including:

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