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Embracing the circular economy to improve waste management results

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The results for our Waste and Recycling Performance Review are in for 2021 and its great news. As an organisation we increased our diversion from landfill from 74.9% to 80.2%. An increase of 5.3%.

This means that over 80% of all waste generated within our organisation avoided going to landfill. A huge achievement for such a large and complex business that spans across our entire State.

SA Power Networks is considered a leader in terms of waste performance and recycling within South Australia, and we are looking ahead to build and improve on our performance by further reducing waste to landfill, reducing packaging and utilising greener products and materials.

We will be adopting the Circular Economy business model which will guide us toward zero waste and pollution through smart design and extension of the life and value of materials by keeping them in the loop which allows for the regeneration of natural systems.

The Circular Economy is an area of accelerated growth in the sustainability space and involves a strategic shift in our way of thinking. This is a focus within our business and by adopting a circular approach, will continue to improve business performance and is one of the key areas that will drive SA Power Networks to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035.

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