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REX Portal security measures updated for electrical contractors

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Electrical contractors will now be required to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) via SMS as part of the sign-in process when using the REX Portal to create, monitor, and manage bookings for various types of low voltage electrical work.

The REX Portal has undergone upgrades to provide better security of your data and information. From 6 December 2023, you'll start receiving a prompt to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) via SMS each time you log into the portal.

NOTE: This change does not impact retailers who use the REX Portal.

What do I need to do?

Access the REX Portal as you normally do. After you’ve entered your Username and Password to log in, you’ll receive an SMS to your mobile phone with a unique 6-digit code. Simply type this code into the box that appears on your screen, and you’ll have access to the portal as you do now.

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