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Engineering Intern Program soars in national rankings

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The latest national recognition for SA Power Networks' Intern Program underscores the opportunities available for Engineering and Digital & Technology undergraduates looking for exceptional opportunities and experiences and a career in the power industry.

The SA Power Networks Engineering Vacation Program has been recognised as one of the top internship programs in Australia, ranking 14th amongst smaller intakes nationally. This is a rise from 28th last year and reflects our ongoing effort to continually improve the program and its outcomes for the next generation of power industry graduates. 

The Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) arrived at the ranking based on input from over 2,400 interns recruited in 2023 and covering 147 organisations nationwide.  

SA Power Networks is one of the few SA-headquartered companies to feature in the AAGE top 50 list. 

Internships play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of young professionals. They provide a bridge between academic learning and real-world experience, allowing students to apply their knowledge, develop practical skills, and explore potential career paths.

Recognition in the AAGE 2024 Top 50 Intern Program is welcome and reflects our commitment to provide opportunities that benefit not only our interns' development but also our company's growth and success. 

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As one of South Australia’s largest employers, we provide many different experiences that can complement your studies, fit into any stage of your life and help you to decide ‘what comes next’. We can fully support your career goals, just as we have done already for hundreds of school leavers, graduates or people returning to work. 

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About SA Power Networks 

SA Power Networks manages the distribution network that delivers electricity to about 1.7 million South Australians and is spearheading South Australia’s rapid transition to a net-100% renewable energy system. 

The business is recognised nationally for its pioneering role in transitioning the network to support customers investing in energy resources such as solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles. 

A number of innovations developed by SA Power Networks are being replicated as other Australian States seek to tackle the issues already emerging in our State as SA leads the world in its transition to a net-100% renewable energy system with world-leading levels of solar penetration. 

Take a virtual tour of SA Power Networks by watching the video below. 

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