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The Flexible Exports trial

An ARENA-funded trial allows SA Power Networks to offer the innovative new Flexible Exports option, as an alternative to reduced fixed export limits, for new and upgrading small embedded generation solar customers in selected overloaded network locations from 23 September 2021.

If one of your customers is eligible for the new connection offering, the SEG application form will indicate the offer automatically, according to the NMI/meter of the customer, and will take you to more information on our website, including details of compatible smart solar systems.

How many customers take part in the trial will depend on the number of applications for new or upgraded solar received in overloaded areas. We estimate that it is likely to involve about 800 customers (less than 2% of all solar connections) in the first year.

The aim of the trial is to accelerate the availability of the Flexible Exports option, and make it a standard service offering after the completion of the trial. The trial has been made possible by working across the solar industry, with leading inverter manufacturers and technology providers. Visit the trial page to read about the findings and what we have learnt during the Flexible Exports trial.

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