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Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger

With many charging options on the market it's important to do your research. Depending on the type of charger you are installing there are a few things you should consider and discuss with the electrician if they are assisting you. 

Do I need an electrician? 

An electrician is required for any fixed electrical wiring. If you need to do any wiring or want to install a permanent charging station on a wall, keep yourself and your family safe by getting a certified electrician to do the work.  

You may not need an electrician if: 

  • You are using a Level 1 charger plugged into an existing outlet. 
  • You already have an existing 240-volt outlet and are using a portable Level 2 charger that does not require installation

Steps to get you started

Here are some steps to help get your started on your EV charger journey:

  1. Do your research and select a provider
    Solar retailers and local electricians are starting to offer services in EV charging. Give one a call and ask around. Note, EV chargers are often referred to as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), so you may need to ask for this service.

  2. Confirm you have sufficient electricity supply 
    Check to see if you've got sufficient electricity flowing into your home to support an EV charger, your electrician can assist you with this.
    If you need to upgrade your service, learn about how to modify your connection, request a quote for the modification or contact SA Power Networks on 13 12 61. 

  3. Confirm your meter board has space
    Check to see if there's enough space on your meter board to accommodate a circuit breaker for the EV charger, your electrician can assist you with this. 
  4. Purchase a charger 
    Choose and purchase an EV charger.

  5. Obtain approval for connection from SA Power Networks
    To install a smart charger in your home, an installer or solar retailer will submit your connection application to SA Power Networks on your behalf using SmartApply.

    Please note, chargers larger than 20A single phase or 25A 3-phase will require an exemption from SA Power Networks. Your electrician can obtain this using SmartApply.
  6. Charger installation
    Install the EV charging equipment. If you received approval from SA Power Networks, your electrician will need to advise us that the equipment has been installed by using SmartInstall.