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Our Network

Our primary role at SA Power Networks is building, extending, maintaining and upgrading the South Australian electricity distribution network - a strategic community asset that is a core component of the State's infrastructure.

We deliver electricity from the transmission network and directly-connected generators (primarily renewable) to around 850,000 residential and business customers.

The network has a route length of around 88,000 kilometres, which includes 400 zone substations, more than 73,000 transformers and 720,000 Stobie poles.

See an infographic that explains the electricity industry in SA.

See a map of the our distribution network.

Demand management

At SA Power Networks we are leading the nation in demand management research and are committed to investigating and trialling demand management strategies for South Australia.

Major projects

Whether it's an updated substation meeting growth in local demand or supplying our biggest mining projects, SA Power Networks plays an important role in supporting the achievement of our economic, community and social objectives.

Improving reliability

Each day our dedicated reliability team monitors and analyses power interruptions on our network and implements preventative actions to reduce the risk of future interruptions.