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Summer energy saving tips


Stumped for ideas on how to save money when the weather heats up?

Saving on power and keeping your home cool in summer can be as simple as following these Top Five Energy Saving Tips from Harry Pavlou, our Energy Advisor.

1. Get in the shade  

Add window coverings such as blinds, curtains or external shutters to your windows or glass doors. During the day keeping them closed will reduce the heat entering the home. In the evening open them to allow the natural breeze to cool the house down. This tip is simple and easy, plus it's free.  

2. Check home insulation 

Good working insulation in your roof and walls will stop the heat from getting into your house. Air leakage occurs when air from the outside enters and conditioned air leaves your home through cracks and openings. Effective insulation also helps the air-conditioner run more efficiently. 

3. Cooling  

Adjusting the thermostat to a temperature between 24C and 27C when cooling will give you a comfortable climate during summer – every 1C lower adds up to 10% on the running cost. Keep the room you’re in cool by closing doors to rooms not being used and, if using a zoned system, turn off zones in unoccupied areas.   

4. Use a fan   

A ceiling fan used in conjunction with your air-conditioner will cool the room by approximately 4C, allowing you to then turn down, or even turn off your air-conditioner. They work by moving hot air away from you, making you feel cooler. 

5. Switch to ENERGY RATING appliances  

If you are buying a new air-conditioner, make sure you choose the most suitable for your home. Do your research and always check the energy rating - the more stars the more savings. An energy efficient air-conditioner will cost you less in the long run.  

For more info on energy ratings 


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