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Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers in SA

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Information for installers when installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers in South Australia

Installing Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers larger than 20A single-phase or 25A 3-phase on a connection with a 100A supply or less, requires approval from SA Power Networks (Service and Installation Rules Section 6.2.7) via SmartApply. No application is required for EVs charging from a standard 10A/15A power point.

What you need to do

  • For EV chargers that have a nameplate capacity greater than 20A single phase, or 25A per phase for 3-phase:  
    • Before installation, apply through SmartApply for instant approval.  
    • Close out the installation using SmartInstall
  • If the site capacity needs to be upgraded to cater for an EV charger, or if building on a new site, raise a request to add or modify the connection: 

We also recommend you check which EV charger you’re selling/installing and understand what it means for customers. See our Electric Vehicle webpages for more information on the different EV charging options, including smart chargers which can provide extra benefits for customers.

How do I access SmartApply and SmartInstall?

You can access SmartApply and SmartInstall from our website. The first time you access SmartApply or SmartInstall, you will be prompted to register for the portal. Read our quick guides on How to register for SmartApply and SmartInstall, and how to create an EV application

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