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Winter energy saving tips

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Saving energy doesn't have to compromise comfort. Some of the tips below are free and can be used to increase your savings; others are simple and inexpensive.

Harry Pavlou, our Energy Advisor shares his top 5 energy saving tips for winter. 

1. Let the sun shine in  

Saving on power and keeping the cold out of your home can be as simple as using the heat from the sun to warm up your home. Open curtains and blinds during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat up your home, and close them as the sun sets to keep in the warmth. This tip is simple and easy, plus it's free. 

2. The sweet spot  

Adjusting the thermostat between 18oC and 21oC when heating will give you a comfortable climate during winter – every 1oC higher adds up to 10% to the running cost of the appliance. If your heater doesn’t have a thermostat, a room thermometer will do the trick. 

3. Zone your home 

Keep the room you’re in warm by closing doors to rooms not being used and, if using a zoned system, turn off zones in unoccupied areas.  

4. Draft stoppers  

If cold air is getting in, then hot air is getting out. Up to 25% of heat is lost by air leakage, so find the locations and cover them. Use door snakes or draft proof strips to stop warm air escaping to unoccupied rooms and cover cracks around windows.   

5. Right appliance 

If you are buying a new heater, make sure you choose the most suitable for your home. Do your research and always check the energy rating - the more stars the more savings. An energy efficient heater will cost you less in the long run. For more info on energy ratings 

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