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Energising communities and conversations in 2023

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SA Power Networks has been sparking connections and conversations across South Australia in 2023, making a significant impact at 16 community events and regional shows, including the Royal Adelaide Show. These events have played a significant role in interacting with customers about the energy sector. 

A standout for our customers was paper hard hats, with 19,000 given out. These weren't just giveaways; they became conversation starters, drawing interest to our stand.  

Our drive around EVs continued, showcasing our Tesla and Kona EVs, and provided us with an opportunity to debunk myths about EVs and demonstrate how they play a part in our energy future. 

We embraced community engagement by involving our Community Advisory Board in major events, giving them an insight into how we engage with the community. 

Our Energy Consultant, Harry Pavlou, not only talked to customers about how they could save money on their energy bills, but also shared the opportunities available to invest in solar and batteries. 

In response to the devastating River Murray floods, SA Power Networks set up 21 Community Flood Hubs in 2023. These hubs were created to help customers in affected areas by providing information and support as they dealt with the floods and the disconnection of their power supply. 

Jay Starrs, our Customer Experience Business Partner, played a crucial role in these events, addressing public concerns about electricity costs, energy transitions, and renewable energy development.   

"We discussed how SA Power Networks is aiding the energy transition while keeping prices down."   

“Our commitment extends beyond large-scale events. We enjoy being a part of smaller shows across the state, further engaging with diverse communities and enhancing customer experiences,” said Jay Starrs. 

“As we look forward to more events in 2024, our focus remains on fostering community connections and supporting an informed and empowered public in energy and utilities. With SA Power Networks, the conversation about energy is always alive and electric!” 

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