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New partnership to trial planting appropriate trees under powerlines

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We have teamed up with Councils around the state in a new trial to improve our management of trees around overhead powerlines.

Three South Australian council areas now have beautiful new saplings growing near powerlines. We have planted trees that are fit-for-purpose in Mount Barker, Walkerville and Whyalla. The new trees are better suited to the areas and will be cheaper to maintain.

Why trial new methods of managing overhead powerlines and trees?

Our vegetation program ensures community safety and the reliability of our network. It is our job to prune trees around powerlines in certain areas. This maintains legislated clearances and is especially important in high bushfire risk areas. 

We prune a lot of 'legacy trees'. These large trees, are not fit-for-purpose and were planted long before anyone gave much thought to their effect on powerlines. They are dangerous and more expensive to maintain.

When we plant smaller trees near powerlines, we reduce the need for pruning. This is good for the environment and saves money.

Who is involved in the trial?

We've established an Advisory Committee whose job it is to find the right tree for each situation. The committee has representatives from Green Adelaide, Treenet, the Local Government Association, the Office of the Technical Regulator, SA Water, the Botanic Gardens, Adelaide University, the nursery industry and SA Power Networks. They are also developing a long-term strategy for appropriate species selection.

Trials started in mid-2021 with three local council areas:

  • Mount Barker District Council 
  • Town of Walkerville
  • City of Whyalla 

If successful, it will be used as a blueprint for work with other Councils.

Vegetation management trial featured on Outdoors Indoors television program

Our vegetation management program was recently featured on Channel 9's Outdoors Indoors program. Watch the episode below.


More about our vegetation management programs

Our website has more resources and info about how we manage vegetation around powerlines. You can learn what we do, and how we do it, find factsheets, give us feedback via our feedback form and learn who is responsible for tree trimming and planting.

Read more about Vegetation around powerlines.

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